Personal Statement

“There is no prescribed plan or set program in what I do for clients. I’m listening to hear where they want to go. My job is to figure out how to get there.”

Elizabeth Cambier brings more than 25 years of experience to her work as a somatic behavioral coach for neurodiverse clients and their families.

Elizabeth’s approach relies on interacting with the client and their family, as well as existing therapists, teachers, job coaches  — even the family pet.

This direct contact with everyone involved in the client’s life allows her to build a complete picture of the client’s strengths and the skills that will be most important to allow progress toward their goals.

Elizabeth has dedicated much of her professional career to studying a broad mix of treatment approaches and working in a variety of environments– everything from one of the country’s first all-inclusive preschools to mainstream community settings and traditional classrooms. This combination of experience provides her with the ability to mold each client’s personal plan to yield the best results. She cooperates with other providers as needed to integrate what they are already doing in support of the client.

She merges an artist’s love for the unique with the inquiring mind of an educator to ensure that all clients enjoy learning and adapting while at the same time staying on track. One of Elizabeth’s strengths is her experience with technology as a key aid for helping clients to reach their goals. Her connections to vendors and app developers mean she can quickly identify which tech tools are the best fit for individual clients. However, she knows that apps, computers and related platforms are only the bridge to a more fully realized, independent life for her clients. Her most important skill is her ability to assess and connect to each client and help them reach their goals.

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