“Elizabeth has been an invaluable member of our team intently focused on increasing our daughter’s independence. By advising on and supporting our daughter’s use of technology (using such devices as the iPad and iPhone), Elizabeth has helped our daughter firmly grasp and envision more independence for herself. Through differing apps, our daughter’s ability to communicate in writing has skyrocketed, her ability to cook a meal developed, the way in which she approaches and completes a job task successfully become very clear. Our daughter’s disabilities no longer seem so insurmountable now that she and we know what she needs.”

Parent of 17 year old girl with disabilities

“You give our family a sense of hope and guidance. You know that we consider you to be a vital part of Ryan’s development. You help us at home make small changes such as how we word things, that will help with behaviors. You offer advice on the areas of concern and always have suggestions that are manageable for us to easily do.”

Mom of 10 year old boy with chromosome deletion and aspergers syndrome

“Max has made unknown progress because of Elizabeth’s dedication, patience, intuitive understanding, and the strong belief that a non-verbal boy who lives with challenges that would crush most of us, can and will participate with others when he is given the supports he needs.”

Mom of 8 year old boy with autism and cerebral palsy

“Over the years we have been repeatedly impressed with Ms. Cambier’s ability to understand children at a very deep level, their desires, motivations, what ‘makes them tick.’ My husband and I frequently comment on Ms. Cambier’s ‘magic’ ability to turn around our children’s difficult behaviors in a matter of minutes. We wish we had that gift!”

Mom of 7 year old girl with rare genetic disorder

She has known us a long time, so she understands our speech very well. She also knows a lot about our interests, our imaginations, our lives, our family, so we have a lot of things we can talk about together. She is always interested in hearing what we have to say.

A 13 year old female client

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