iPad Learning

Apple’s iOS devices and other mobile devices have brought affordability and ease of use to an area of technology that was once dominated by a few expensive device makers. Because the use of mobile devices in assistive circumstances is still relatively new, the tools available to the community are evolving rapidly, and new apps are constantly being created to fill specific needs. It’s exciting, and also sometimes a bit daunting. As a special needs educator, I have made it my business to stay abreast of new developments in iOS apps that can benefit children with special-needs and their parents, as well as other educators and therapists.

I have also worked directly with app developers, and with Apple, to offer feedback on continuously improving the applications, hardware and operating system to cater to this special user group. In some cases where questions of usability have come up, I have even innovated with my own solutions. I can help you with devices settings, accessibility features, and selecting key guards and other accessories. You can learn more on my custom iPad accessories page.

My process for helping families configure devices for their children starts with an interview. First, I would meet with you to learn about your child and understand their unique circumstances, followed by a little show and tell. I can help you customize your device’s settings and apps to fit the needs of your child, and get them started with a carefully chosen set of applications. In the case of multi-device, multi-user families, I can also help you set up cloud syncing, device backups, and password management.

I am also available for mentoring, if you would like my help teaching your child how to work with their new tool. To schedule a consultation with me, please email me at elizabeth@interactivetherapywa.com (elizabeth null@null interactivetherapywa NULL.com?subject=Consultation) or call me at Phone Number.

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