Other Services

All of my services begin with me getting to know you and your child, and your child’s unique temperament and educational needs. When I work one-on-one with your child, my goal is to provide nurturing, safe care while expanding and challenging his or her development. All of our activities together are designed to facilitate your child’s social, motor, and cognitive growth while providing support and clear goals for them… and for you!

Community Chaperoning

I understand you may sometimes feel that you need help with your child in common social situations, such as when you are introducing them to a new group of children, or teaching them how to interact with staff at a restaurant or in a store, or preparing them to work at a job site. When I am acting as a chaperone, my experience and training help me to remain emotionally neutral, so that I am able to observe calmly and provide support as it is needed, in order to help your child learn to adapt and thrive out in the larger community. Activities might include using their iPad or other augmentative device in public, or applying lessons and behavior learned in ABA therapy or other modalities.

Classroom Assistance

In classroom settings, I have had success using the iPad to adapt and enrich my clients’ curriculums, offering assistance to educators and students alike. I have also had success bridging the gap between my clients and their peers, by raising awareness and fostering inclusion and empathy. By working together with your child’s teachers, we can adjust your child’s curriculum to give them the best learning opportunities.

Device Support

Though you can see from my site how excited I am about the iPad and other iOS devices, I have also worked extensively with older Assistive and Augmentative speech devices such as the DynaVox. If your child is still using an older generation device and you are curious about how an iPad might serve their needs, I would be happy to provide a comparative show and tell. I can even assist you with transferring their lessons and settings to a more modern, more flexible device.

Help at Home

Learning to care for your own child with special needs may be a challenge, especially in a family of children with mixed needs. I understand that at-home care solutions must engage the entire family, and I have worked with many parents to develop practical short- and long-term solutions, not only for their special-needs children, but also for themselves and their typically developing children. Drawing from my own extensive experience and education, I can help guide you in adapting your natural parenting styles to better meet the demands of your children’s temperament.


Through one-on-one focused intervention, I can help your child use an iPad in ways that will supplement their school curriculum and programs generated by their therapists. I start by working to understand the core of the curriculum, and then configuring your devices to fit your child’s needs without compromising the lesson plan. I’m able to do this by working closely with your child to understand their unique learning methods and putting myself in their shoes.

Facilitated Playdates

The supervised playdates that I facilitate are designed to help your child learn to read non-verbal cues, initiate play, and feel more comfortable making and sustaining friendships. My goal with these types of activities is to help your child develop social awareness and enhanced abilities to connect with other children.

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